Thursday, 22 August 2013

Cuban vacation

Bob and Mrs Cat are currently back with the rest of the Feltipips family after having embarked on a journey across Cuba. They have been drinking cocktails, travelling through Havana and Trinidad before coming to a rest in Cayo Coco. Bob loved watching Cuban cigars being rolled and had great fun getting driven around in a bright pink classic Chevrolet with Mrs Cat. The highlight of the trip for her was spending a day on Pillar beach, trying to catch fish and swimming in the baby blue sea.

Bob and Mrs Cat drinking a Cuban
Bob and Mrs Cat at the airport
Bob and Mrs Cat enjoying a drink
in Trinidad
Bob and Mrs Cat admiring
the views in Havana
Bob and Mrs Cat riding in a pink
Mrs Cat and Bob watching cigar rolling

Bob and Mrs Cat with a large

Taking a ride in a 2 seater taxi