Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Bob and Mrs Cat take New York continued....

We are getting towards the end of Feltipips tour of New York, but don't worry we have a few more photos to fill you in on what they have been up to.

Bob and Mrs Cat have been enjoying the sunshine and taking in the site of NYC, including meeting a nice policeman who let them sit on his car. We visited the Stationery Fair and took in the sites of all the amazing products! We've also been eating incredibly well, and enjoying some classic Tomato Ketchup, Reggie and Perlina allowed us desert though, so we went for the Gum Ball machine, yum yum!

Catching a Ride with the nice Policeman

Bob posing with the lovely Mrs Cat

Loving a bit of Tommy K for dinner!

Our yummy desert

We did do some work as well, visiting the Stationery Fair in NYC
We hope you all have a lovely Wednesday, and we shall fill you in more adventures soon,

Love Mrs Cat and Bob


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